WATCH: Boss move or not? She's the landlady of apartment her boyfriend and her share

WATCH: Boss move or not? She's the landlady of apartment her boyfriend and her share

A woman does something that could be considered a bit shady or maybe it's a boss move... what do you think?

WATCH: Boss move or not? She is the landlord of the apartment her bf and her live in and he doesn't know
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We can't say that we are relationship experts, but if there's one thing that we do advocate for, it's got to be open communication. When it comes to being honest with your partner, it's definitely a must and a high priority. 

It just makes sense to be open and honest with your partner. It distinguishes the amazing relationships from the mediocre ones. But that's a subjective belief, we don't think that everyone applies this mentality to their relationships nor is it as important as it is for us. 

A woman displayed this recently when she shared some vital information on her TikTok account that had to do with her boyfriend and their apartment. Something that seems super personal is released for public consumption in a way that we think is quite insensitive (unless it was just done with the intent of going viral). 

Carol Ofori and the ladies of East Coast Radio recently participated in a roundtable for Women's Month that concentrated on some key topics. One of which included 'Money'. When we think of women taking on a powerful and independent stance in their lives, this could be one of those moments. But the way it was revealed (or posed) isn't something worthy of a good relationship. 

WATCH the video below (courtesy of TikTok):


Do y’all think he’ll be mad once he finds out? ##fypシ ##itsalright ##quarantinebabies ##UltaBeautyatTarget

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Surprisingly, many of the women came to the video commending her for not sharing this information with her boyfriend, while the males responded by saying that she was not being fair and her actions were quite sneaky. 

With one guy saying: "All ladies is saying that's right but what if the shoe was on the other foot. Just curious on y'all answers." 

To which one woman responded: "I'd be upset cause I didn't know but I wouldn't be mad cause we're saving hella coins." 

On the one hand, we commend her for being savvy in owning her own place and renting it out, because that is an extra form of income. But in terms of having a relationship and being honest, we don't think she is winning in that department by failing to share this with her boyfriend. 

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