WATCH: Billie Eilish announces unexpected collaboration with one of the world's best

WATCH: Billie Eilish announces unexpected collaboration with one of the world's best

Billie Eilish, who has mentioned many times that she has spent most of her time during lockdown making new music, has another future hit on the way.

Billie Rosalia
Billie Eilish Official Twitter

Billie Eilish is one of the biggest pop stars around.

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She's won almost every award under the sun, including five Grammy Awards, and has written multiple chart-topping hits.

It seems like in her very short and immediate rise to fame she has done just about everything.

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Although there is one thing that her repertoire is lacking.

She doesn't have a lot of musical collaborations.

While she has worked with the likes of iconic musical geniuses like Hans Zimmer behind the scenes and is constantly collaborating with her brother Finneas, she has only once performed on a song alongside another artist.

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Her song 'Lovely', which features Khalid, has been her one and only collab.

Until now.

While there have been subtle hints, she has finally announced that she will be releasing a new single with another songstress who burst onto the scene and, just like Billie, is showing no signs of stopping any time soon.

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We're talking about the one-and-only Rosalía.

Just yesterday the two females confirmed their song, 'Lo Vas A Olividar', which will also feature on the soundtrack for HBO's 'Euphoria'.

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Working on the single, the duo were set up in their separate homes and worked with what they had in their makeshift studios.

Luckily, the long-distance joint effort seemed to be successful and now we just have to wait for the music video, which will be dropping later today.

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If you have no idea who Rosalía is yet, the time has come for you to check her out.

She is known for putting her own spin on the flamenco music-style, has won a Grammy Award, has won multiple Latin Grammy Awards, and Pharrell has invited her to his studio to work on some music.

She was also the only musician featured on Time's 2019 list of 'Next Generation Leaders'.

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Sure, you might not be able to understand all her lyrics, but there is no denying that you'll be dancing along to her tunes and singing along the parts you do pick up because this girl is talented.

If she wasn't on your radar up until now, you're welcome.

And thanks to both of these women for giving us the collab we didn't know we needed!

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Main image courtesy of Billie Eilish Official Twitter

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