Influencer claims sugar mama gave him R300,000

Influencer claims sugar mama gave him R300,000 defines a 'sugar mama' as "a wealthy woman who spends freely on a younger person, generally a man, in return for companionship."

Michael Bucwa
Michael Bucwa Official Twitter

There has been a lot of controversy surrounding the topic of sugar mama's, daddies, and babies.

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The whole thing can seem confusing and weird but all you really need to know is that these "parents" spoil their "babies" with lavish gifts, expensive trips, and luxury items.

Money is generally considered the most important part of the relationship and most of these people tend to be very wealthy. There are older individuals who are really very lonely, and although they don't have much to spend on their companions, they try.

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Obviously, this is a situation not a lot of people approve of and many who have revealed that they have someone else "taking care" of them have met with backlash.

That's why many were shocked when local influencer, Michael Bucwa, took to Twitter and decided to disclose some jaw-dropping information regarding his finances:

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That amount is definitely no joke!

Any other clues as to what he might have done to deserve this fat deposit have remained unclear.

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There was no further mention of maybe going on a date with this woman, possibly spending time with her in any sense, and it seems like he might have just been sitting at home when the Rands came rolling in.

However, there was one reply to this Tweet that has revealed a little more detail as to who the sugar mamma might be - television presenter and DJ, Lerato Kganyago!

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We're not falling for that one though as according to everyone's knowledge Lerato is still married to Thami Ndlala, so there's no doubt that she is probably not the sugar mama responsible.

While some might find it hard to believe that he just happened to get R300,000 for seemingly making no effort, Michael has made it very known that he doesn't get out of bed for any less:

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It still seems quite unfathomable that someone would be willing to just give away such a large amount, but sugar babies have been known to receive designer bags and shoes, trips to private islands and luxury resorts, and even brand new cars!

At the end of the day, who wouldn't want to get paid to just sit on social media and reply to messages all day?

Seems like that's what most celebrities and influencers do anyway...

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Main image courtesy of Michael Bucwa Official Twitter

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