WATCH: Cute toddler makes breakfast at 3 am

WATCH: Cute toddler makes breakfast at 3am

Everyone needs an early morning snack, especially toddlers! Little Kgotso Tau from The Maletsatsi Foundation is caught on video making breakfast at 3am and he has melted our hearts. 

WATCH: Cute toddler makes breakfast at 3 am
Instagram Screenshot/@themaletsatsifoundation

We love it when we get to see our little humans sharing some fun and love in their weird, wacky, and unique ways of entertainment. So when we came across this absolutely adorable little boy making breakfast at 3am and waking up his guardian, we thought, what an awesome way of being woken up!

We doubt that she felt the same way initially, but she managed to capture a moment that many parents experience and end up laughing off because let's just be honest, we can't get over their cuteness when they do these absurd things at odd hours of the day. 

According to, "The Maletsatsi Foundation is a child welfare organisation that provides a safe haven for children in need."

Tiffani, the one behind the camera in this breakfast time video, spoke about what their foundation is about and how it all came to be. 

“The Maletsatsi Foundation was born formally last year in the midst of the pandemic. Whilst my hubby, kids and I have acted as a place of safety for the last six years, the need for homes for children increased exponentially last year and we made the decision to open our home to a larger number of children. Currently, the foundation supports over 30 children who were either abused, abandoned, neglected, relinquished, or in need of temporary care and protection for various reasons."

The Maletsatsi Foundation had previously relied on the help of volunteers, but since the pandemic, they have created a virtual volunteer programme and also accept donations so that they can keep caring for these children that need a roof over their heads and just some old-fashioned love. 

Tiffani says that Kgotso Tau is in his 'terrible twos' and is an extremely well-spoken child who loves mealtimes. “He really loves mealtimes, not only for the food, but for the sense of community, which is why I think he brought it all to my room.”

Watch the video below and let us know if you can relate to this kind of cuteness:

To learn more about what the Maletsatsi Foundation is about, you can visit their Facebook and Instagram pages. 

Image Courtesy of Instagram

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