WATCH: Acts of kindness go a long way and we need more of this in the world

WATCH: Acts of kindness go a long way and we need more of this in the world

Acts of kindness never go unnoticed, whether you are doing it to help someone or uplift them, the act can literally save a life...

WATCH: Amazing acts of kindness for animals stuck in some tough situations
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In a world that is plagued by infections, third waves, and morbid death notices, we can firmly say when it comes to consuming more media that shows the goodness of humankind, we are all for it as it really leaves us feeling motivated that our future will be okay. 

We recently did a piece on a grandmother who is covering her body in tattoos as a way of raising awareness for animals. Her story resonated with us. Animals don't have a voice to speak up for themselves so we have to advocate for them. 

The thing that got us thinking when we saw this video was the fact that, ironically, it's because of us that these animals have been put in these deathly situations. 

We're not saying that means that we shouldn't help them, it's just one of those situations where you are left mind-boggled with the fact that with evolution comes development and growth, and that sometimes involves taking away space from these animals. 

Space that is ultimately what they consider their habitats, space that hosts high fences, which can be obtrusive to birds, and plastic infested oceans that are killing our ocean life...

So, in an attempt to bring some light to a very difficult circumstance, let's do what we can to help these creatures so that we can ensure a future for them and, ultimately, for us. 

In an effort to encourage all of us to play our part in helping the environment and our animal life, KZN Beach Cleanup will be hosting a beach cleanup this Saturday at the Durban Country Club beach. Outside Bike and Bean is the meeting point. The time is from 9am to 11am. Check out more information on their Facebook page

Watch the video below showing some amazing acts of kindness from people who have witnessed animals in some tough situations:

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