WATCH: World Oceans Day - Indonesian friends recycle waste plastic into bricks

WATCH: World Oceans Day - Indonesian friends recycle waste plastic into bricks

Two friends get together and try to alleviate the plastic that is consuming the ocean. They get innovative and use the waste plastic to create construction bricks. 

WATCH: An Indonesian woman is recycling waste plastic into construction bricks
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We love the ocean, it is that place where we can go when we want to see something larger than life. The magnitude of the ocean leaves us feeling like we can take on anything. The calm of the waves and the endlessness of the ocean leaves us feeling like there is so much more than meets the eye. 

The symbolism runs deep just like the ocean. The ocean life, the beauty, the mystery, it all leaves us sentimental and invigorated to a larger-than-life kind of feeling. You either get it or you don't! 

So as avid supporters of the ocean, when we see the effects of pollution and the abundance of plastic that is veiling the ocean, it leaves us feeling angry at the way we all as humans just have no regard for the way we dispose of our rubbish. 

These two friends from Indonesia give us some hope that the clean-up efforts that are going on in the world can save our ocean life. "Best friends Notiva Tan and Ovy Sabrina started collecting plastic packaging and wrappers from food stalls in Jakarta two years ago because they were shocked at the colossal amount of plastic that was flushing its way into Indonesian waters." (YouTube)

They found a creative and useful way to repurpose the plastic into something that is practical and innovative. They have repurposed the plastic into building bricks. 

Their team has managed to produce over 100,000 eco-bricks and they are now looking into ways to expand. In their efforts, it was revealed that Indonesia has made a pledge to reduce its plastic waste by 75% by the year 2025.

Watch the video below showing the process she takes to recycle plastic waste into constructive bricks (courtesy of YouTube). 

Bringing things back to local beaches, Carol Ofori spoke to Presha Soogrim from KZN Beach Clean Up and she shared that there is a beach clean up happening this weekend in honour of World Oceans Day. 

You can find all the details on their Facebook page. 

Image Courtesy of YouTube

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