WATCH: Piano player plays amid the looting chaos and restores hope

WATCH: Piano player plays amid the looting chaos and restores hope

If there is one truth about music, it is that it heals. 

Jenny Bowes
France Gandy

We have gone through one of the hardest, strangest, and most frightening times in the province of KwaZulu-Natal. People have seen their businesses broken into, burnt down, looted clean. So they are left with nothing for their families. Right now, though, we will focus on rebuilding. 

Whilst we embark on this journey to rebuild and dust ourselves off, people have been sharing whatever they can to contribute to making everyone return to a feeling of hope. Jenny Bowes is one of those people. 

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She is a private piano teacher in KZN and plays a beautiful tune in a video that went around on social media. 

She is seen at a storage facility that has been torn down and destroyed by looters, with the remains of some looking like ashes and some simply unidentifiably battered. The piano sits in the middle of all this chaos. 

She shares that her brother's storage had been looted and they were waiting for her brother's remaining personal belongings to be retrieved. 

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We had the chance to speak to Jenny Bowes about her touching performance amid all the chaos at the storage facility: 

All the music she performs heals and lets you feel and experience pain you might be suppressing.

Take a look at how beautifully she plays this piano, praying with music for a better future and hope to be restored in South Africa: 


Main Image Courtesy: Frances Gandy 

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