How to cut a cake by using a glass instead of a knife

How to cut a cake by using a glass instead of a knife

We love TikTok hacks as much as the next person, but sometimes we just have to wonder, why fix something if it wasn't broken?

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Cutting cake (whether birthday or non-birthday related) is a very simple task.

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Sure, you might always have to do a bit of guessing to make sure all the pieces are cut the same size, but generally, it's a pretty basic concept.

And it is also common knowledge that the tool used for cutting a piece of cake is a knife.

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But for some reason, TikTok user @theroseperiod decided that they have had enough of this basic cake cutting method and would like something new and innovative that (we're pretty sure) no-one has tried before.

Or if they have, they've done so in the comfort of their own home and chose not to share it with the rest of the world.

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But as mentioned, Rose has shared her "cake hack" with the world and it's definitely something else:

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Is it just us or are you a little uncomfortable watching that?

Is it the fact that it's not perfectly sliced pieces?

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Turns out more people are impressed by this hack than upset by it, and it's taken over the web with people sharing videos of their own glass-cake-holders:

Well if you don't want to wash a bunch of plates and knives then this might just be the hack for you!

Thanks again, TikTok!

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