Unspoken rules that should be observed at 'Porridge Prayers'

Unspoken rules that should be observed at 'Porridge Prayers'

As we see many Hindus observe their Amman prayers, we take note from a popular local MC about how to conduct yourself when you are invited to someone's home.

A tray of eats and mealie meal porridge being offered by Hindus
A tray of eats and mealie meal porridge being offered by Hindus/Facebook/@KiroshaKamal

We have entered an auspicious time for many Hindus who are performing the Amman prayer, giving thanks to Goddess Marieamman for their health and well-being. 

To many Hindus around South Africa, this prayer is more commonly referred to as the 'Porridge Prayer'.

"The prayer is observed during the Tamil month of Aadi, which falls during July and August. The Goddess Marieamman is depicted as Mother Nature. In the Tamil language the word ‘ Marie’ means rain and ‘ amman’, mother.” (Post)

Considering the tradition, the rituals and the overall nature of these prayers, we understand that for many it is a time to give thanks in more than one way. 

This is why many families observing the prayer invite their extended family, friends, and neighbours over. 

The history of the tradition was explained eloquently by spiritual leader, Kriba Vayapuri. Here's what he shared with the Post a few years ago: "Vayapuri said thousands of years ago there was an outbreak of measles in a village in India. “The goddess came to the aid of the villagers and nursed them back to health. She fed the villagers porridge and a mixture of turmeric and syringa leaves. When they were healed, she returned to the forest.”

He said the people in the village went looking for her and found her under a syringa tree. This encounter led her to reveal herself as the Mother of Nature.

“The goddess requested that every year at this time they gather to worship her and distribute porridge.”

Given the amount of worship and devotion that Hindus attest to during the prayer, it is something of an unspoken truth that as a guest to the prayer, you observe a certain decorum about yourself.

In fact, that should go without being said at any prayer, function or event you attend. 

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We came across a video of a radio presenter at a local station in Chatsworth, Southside FM, who put it succinctly. 

Meshantan Naidoo hit the nail on the head when he shared what guests should consider when attending someone's Amman prayer. 

Check out his video below, courtesy of TikTok

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