Auspicious time as Hindus get ready for religious festival of Kavady

Auspicious time as Hindus get ready for religious festival of Kavady

We wish all our Hindu listeners the best for the Kavady festival...

A decorated kavady used in the festival for Hindus
A decorated kavady used in the festival for Hindus/Facebook/@KreeRamanVandayar

It is nearly the start of the auspicious festival of Kavady

This South Indian festival is celebrated over ten days where devotees come together to show their devotion to Lord Muruga. 

"Lord Muruga symobolised wisdom and knowledge and is known as the God of war. He is the protector and problem solver..." (SRBM 2022)

And we wanted to take some time to share our well wishes and also to share some information surrounding the significance and symbolism of Kavady. 

"As Christians fast for lent and Muslims for Ramadaan, Hindus of Tamil Nadu eat vegetarian meals and forsake simple pleasures for 10 days to honour the Hindu God of War, Lord Muruga during this period." (IOL)

The first day of the festival begins on the day of flag hoisting, which is tomorrow, 26 January 2023. 

This basically involves hoisting a flag up a pole at the temple, accompanied by several rituals. This act also marks the start of the fasting period for Hindus observing or partaking in the festival. 

Devotees will visit the temple daily until the final day, which is the tenth day, when the flag is taken down. 

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"A Kavady is a wooden oval structure that is decorated with flowers, frames, peacock feathers and different coloured cloths. It is carried by a devotee to a Murugan temple. This action symbolises the carrying of one’s burdens to the Lord - seeking his help and guidance." (IOL)

Many are elated to celebrate the festival this year, as the pandemic did come with its restrictions surrounding religious festivals. 

As devotees return to a sense of normality, so too can they fully enjoy the spirit around Kavady and the fulfillment they receive in participating in this auspicious time. 

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