Pitr Paksha 2022: What does this Hindu holy period entail?

Pitr Paksha 2022: What does this Hindu holy period entail?

We are approaching the holy period for many Hindus...

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*Please note that the contents of this article are written from a general perspective from a collection of resources and is in no way intended to offend or disregard Hinduism.

KwaZulu-Natal is the home to many Hindus and in saying that, we wanted to touch on a holy time that many Hindus will observe this month. 

As much as it is Heritage Month, this concept can mean different things to our diverse nation. 

Heritage has a lot to do with tradition, culture, and religion, in certain instances. So it comes as no surprise that the holy period of Pitr Paksha begins on 10 September this year. 

This holy period involves many Hindus observing this time to pay respects to their ancestors. 

The Pitr Paksha holy period will last 15 days and basically entails ancestors and loved ones visiting Earth to shower blessings on their children and family. 

Part of the rituals include offering food to the ancestors whilst praying for their peace in the afterlife. During this period, it is recommended that Hindus follow a strictly vegetarian diet.

It can be described as a period of reset, as it is so easy to become stuck in the hustle and bustle of life. Feeding animals is considered a virtue during this time. 

Plus a special offering of a selection of ingredients is done daily during the 15-day cycle. A combination of sesame seeds or thill, water, milk, flowers, and a thin long grass called Kush is offered to ancestors daily. 

This is said to help satisfy ancestors. But it should be noted that there is a variety of differences in the way some households perform their prayer during this time. 

The reason behind this is that as much as Hinduism has a large community of believers, each come from their own traditional caste (for the lack of a better word).

Pitr Paksha is a time where Hindus are encouraged to practice kindness, remain calm, engage in repentance, be gentle and courteous. 

It is not advisable to engage in acts such as marriage, buying a new vehicle, buying new clothes, as these things are considered as bad luck. 

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