#TrendingWithTinashe: SA reacts to news of Mshoza's passing

#TrendingWithTinashe: SA reacts to news of Mshoza's passing

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Kwaito star Mshoza dies

It's Friday and we want to take away some of your stress, so we decided to conveniently put everything you need to know (to sound like the most informed and up-to-date person at the braai) right here.

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Here are the top three you just HAVE to know about: 

1. South Africa mourns the loss of one of its greatest stars - Mshoza

We were shocked to hear of the passing of the legendary Kwaito star Nomasonto Maswanganyi, lovingly known as Mshoza.

Read some of the heartfelt tributes here.

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2. Twitter introduces new story feature

If you've noticed your Twitter is looking a little different, it might be because they have now also decided to jump on the story train.

But after the social media platform introduced its new feature, which is very appropriately called #Fleets, Mzansi has shared their thoughts.

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3. BTS Army is taking over the world

Maybe not the world, but they are taking over our timelines once again as K-Pop group BTS release their latest track.

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Take a listen to make sure you get the FULL update on all the trendy things:

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