Toyota 1000 Desert Race 2023 ends in flames

Toyota 1000 Desert Race 2023 ends in flames

Where there's smoke, there is fire, and where there's fire, there's trouble...

A man walking in the fiery desert in Botswana
A man walking in the fiery desert in Botswana/Twitter Screenshot/@maity101

It felt like something out of a movie clip. A man wanders through the desert land, holding his head down as he realises what has happened. 

He falls to the ground, weak by the realisation. Someone runs to his aid, trying to help him up and console him. 

The hazy, fiery background looks unreal and for a moment, we think this is all a hoax. But it was real. Very real. 

"A very unfortunate scene unfolded at the 2023 Toyota 1000 Desert Race in the small mining town of Jwaneng, southern Botswana on Sunday, June 25, as around 49 cars burned to the ground." (2Oceansvibe)

According to an eyewitness who was at the off-road motorsport event, an ember from a braai stand landed on the dry grass. This is what allegedly started the fire. 

A range of vehicles that were parked on the dry grass attending the event, caught alight as the flames ravaged through the desert land. 

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Many of the vehicle owners rushed to their cars to try and save them, but they were too late. 

"Emergency services were called shortly after the fire broke out but firefighters struggled to contain the flames due to the sheer number of vehicles that were set alight and the wintery conditions that are conducive to veld fires." (2Oceansvibe)

WATCH another video of the incident, where one man is trying to help put the fire out by shovelling sand. 

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