Fast food employees in the USA use an unconventional method to quit

Fast food employees in the USA use an unconventional method to quit

A group of workers at a fast food store in Nebraska use the outdoor signage to announce their resignations...

Burger King employees in the USA use an unconventional method to quit their jobs

We have heard some crazy stories when it comes to trying to get someone's attention, especially when it comes to your partner or a friend, or even a crush, but this story is one of the craziest...

A group of employees at a Burger King store in Lincoln, Nebraska, USA, decided that they needed to make a spectacle to get the attention of their bosses. They felt that after trying the conventional way of trying to talk to their upper management, they were not being heard. 

After feeling ignored and disregarded, they decided to take an extreme stance and decided to quit their jobs. The former general manager tried to talk to management about the less than acceptable standards that her staff had to endure, to which she was told that she was being a baby.

After she called it quits, others from her team decided to leave as well. The way they announced this to their former employers was nothing short of extraordinary, in fact it was both a spectacle and a sort of "drop the mic" moment. They decided to put up a sign outside to let customers know that they were not going to be there anymore (as a message to their employers).

The sign read: "We all quit. Sorry for the inconvenience." The general manager said that the circumstances that they had to work under included; 90 degree temperatures in the kitchen, which led to dehydration, and 50-60 hour work weeks, IOL reported.

Considering the labour shortage that is looming in the States at the moment due to the pandemic, it shows how they felt about the working conditions to take such a big leap. 

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