Carol Ofori's guide to taking on National Junk Food Day

LISTEN: Carol Ofori's guide to taking on National Junk Food Day

We all know that Carol Ofori loves to cook and her passion for trying out new food and mixing and mashing is what we want to celebrate this National Junk Food Day!

Carol Ofori's guide to National Junk Food Day
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It's National Junk Food Day and we have to admit that more often than not we have those days where all we want to do is sit in front of the TV and pig out on all things delicious. If you are not one of those people, then we suggest you leave right now because the content below might change you forever...

Carol Ofori is a "Mama Cook" and she has always shared her passion for food. Whether that be her favourite Dairy Milk chocolate or a samp, mince, and bean dish, comfort food is soul food and it gets us excited about meal time and also sharing meals with our families. 

Side note: We saw this on an online fashion brand's page and thought, "Whoa, there's nothing like rocking a chicken wing." So we had to ask: How invested are you when it comes to fashion and junk food? Would you rock a chicken wing necklace? Take our poll below:

When it comes to enjoying junk food, we have got to say that there should be no guilt when you are indulging. If you want it eat it, if you feel for it, go for it. 

Life is way too short to cry over calories. But remember that life is always about finding your balance. So if you are going to indulge, don't do it every day. 

Carol shared that if she had to visit any country purely to indulge on junk food, it would have to be The United States of America (the home of junk food).

We asked you what your favourite junk food was and you came back with some real mouth-watering options. It even gave us some ideas as to what we would indulge in...

Natalie Kinloch said she loves her "Macdonald chilli cheese burger and chilli cheese chips".

While Casey Moodley shared her list of go-to junk foods, one of which included, "Steak and kidney pie with a twist granadilla or coke". 

No matter what we go through, let's show some love for our love of food. We can connect with that and traditionally food has been a force that connects all of us, no matter where we come from. 

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