Toddler calls on Alexa for help in adorable video

Toddler calls on Alexa for help in adorable video

The kids of today have a grasp on technology unlike ever before – and one toddler has called on Alexa for help in the most adorable way!

Baby calls on Alexa for help

It’s crazy to see just how quickly young children adapt and learn how to use technology. Children quickly figure out how to use apps and devices and it’s incredible to see how resilient they can be.

Every so often, parents catch their kids doing the most adorable things when it comes to using technology and one parent captured a sweet moment of her son talking to Alexa in the middle of the night – and it’s quickly gone viral on social media.

While checking up on her son in the baby monitor, one mom was left in stitches when she saw him turning to Alexa for help in the middle of the night. In the clip, the toddler wakes up and asks the app to help him call his father.

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The mom says that she installed Alexa in her son's room to play lullabies as he falls asleep, but as he started understanding how the app works, he turned to the app for help in the middle of the night saying, "Alexa, I need daddy."

However, the exchange didn’t go as planned for the toddler. The Amazon virtual assistant responds to his question asking "What should I add?" The toddler reiterates "daddy", to which Alexa then replies, "I've added daddy to your shopping list, is there anything else?"


Alexa, I need daddy

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The disappointed boy simply responds "Urm... no" and goes back to sleep.

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The video has become a viral sensation on social media and has already been viewed more than 3.6-million times. "The little 'uh.. no' at the end, bless this cute little child! Hope daddy was delivered ASAP!” one user commented on the video. Another suggested: "You gotta add a shortcut that calls dad's phone when someone says that." A third joked "I just want to see what exactly it added to the shopping cart."

What hilarious things have you seen your children do? Let Carol know in the comments section below!

Image courtesy: TikTok

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