Hunky local doctor making waves for all the right reasons as he gets COVID-19 vaccine

Hunky local doctor making waves for all the right reasons as he gets COVID-19 vaccine

As the government starts administrating COVID-19 vaccines to healthcare workers around the country, doctor Adam Woodford’s hunky picture is going viral!

Adam Woodford

As South Africa remains Africa’s epicentre of the pandemic, the local government is fast administering the first batch of Johnson & Johnson vaccines that arrived in the country last week. Healthcare workers are amongst the first to be given the vaccine and Dr Adam Woodford has tongues wagging after sharing a hunky picture of himself getting his dose.

The brawny doctor is a Registrar in Internal Medicine at the Livingstone Hospital in PE and was excited to be a part of history as the world continues its battle to curb the spread of the coronavirus.

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Moments after getting his shot on the 18th of February this year, Adam shared a picture of himself on social media – and sent the country into a frenzy. 

“Vaccine done and dusted with hope to alter my DNA and get superhuman strength and laser vision. So far side effects include involuntary flexing for camera and unwanted gains,” Dr Woodford jokes. “Hopefully this spells no more covid for me, my colleagues and our families. One step closer to normality.”

Speaking to Good Things Guy, Dr Woodford adds that he doesn’t mind all the attention either – he is just happy that the vaccine is being promoted in the process!

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Natutally, Mzansi had a lot to say about the image. “I’ll take the vaccine only if he’s the one administering it,” Beneshi Plaatjies shares on the Colored Girls Rock Facebook page. Celestine Cella Prince adds: “Does he do house calls? Lord Jesus his gorgeous even thru that mask.”

Heather Daniels says: “I need an injection..any injection from him will do…B12, B6, B48, just give me an injection doc!. Jamie-dean Julius asks: “Does he do CPR and mouth to mouth?”

Picture courtesy: Instagram

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