#BadMomsClub: “My son refuses to wear hand-me-downs”

#BadMomsClub: “My son refuses to wear hand-me-downs”

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Being the second child comes with a whole lot of struggles, but of the biggest challenges a second child faces is living in the shadow of their older siblings. They’re expected to reach milestones at the same time, they always have to compete for attention, and are recipients of hand-me-downs.

In fact, Mom Junction says that second child syndrome is a real thing and something parents should be cognoscente of.

“A second or middle child syndrome describes a situation in which the second is adversely affected by the presence of siblings. Your second child is at a higher risk of developing emotional issues, especially if he feels unloved or neglected,” the site explains. “Not giving enough attention to his needs, developments, and achievements will also make him feel unmotivated.”

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For one Durban mother, she has experienced this first hand with her son’s complete refusal to wear his older brother’s hand-me-downs – and she has reached out to Carol and East Coast Radio listeners for some advice.

“Hey Bad Moms Club,

I have a problem with my 13-year-old son. He’s refusing to wear any hand-me-downs from his older brother, even when it comes to school uniform. He refuses to wear anything that was previously owned by my other son. He does also get new clothes when we can afford it, but we have hardly any money to speak of. We definitely can’t afford a new school uniform! I’d like suggestions from moms who have been through the same thing.”

- Anonymous

Our very own supermom Carol Ofori has shared her opinion on the matter and we’d like to hear from you as well! Do you have any advice for this mom? Leave her a comment in the comments section below.

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