Tito Mboweni sends out a Twitter alert for Skhumba...

Tito Mboweni sends out a Twitter alert for Skhumba...

Any ideas as to why he's coming for Skhumba? 

Tito Mboweni sends out a Twitter alert for Skhumba...
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Since his retirement, we have seen politician Tito Mboweni show off his culinary skills on Twitter and share a relaxed and chilled side of himself with the social media world. It has not only been sort of comforting to see this side of him, but also entertaining. 

For one, we have this view of politicians, like any stereotype, that they are always in a suit and very propaganda driven. But this is a completely relaxed, engaged, and cooler version of former finance minister. 

He has managed to even create an engaged audience, which isn't as easy as it seems. On that note, he has also opened himself up to the criticism of social media users who have not held their tongues when it comes to sharing what they really think. 

And for the most part, he has taken it like a trooper, but recently one of our faves, Skhumba, comedian at heart, joked about Mboweni's cooking and on top of that, his shoes...

Now we don't know which part is worse, because we love our shoes and our cooking is just as personal to us. But when it comes to being part of the public eye, you automatically sign up for online scrutiny, there is no sign out function. 

No doubt you have seen the cooking, but here are the shoes that bared the brunt of the joke. We have to admit, they aren't the most flattering of shoes... Just saying... (P.S. please don't come for us on Twitter, Minister).

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Watch the full clip of Skhumba's mocking session over the ex-finance minister's appearance below and let us know what you think. The thing about being the butt of the joke, is that at least someone is talking about you, and it's like that old saying, any type of publicity is better than none. 

The funny part is that this clip is from last year, which has left many tweeps confused as to what Mboweni was trying to get at. Some even suggesting that perhaps he is trying to create a stir and 'trend' on Twitter. Considering, Pravin is trending, we are just going to leave this here, and you can decide for yourself...

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