LOCAL: Tito Mboweni shares his love for a Durban classic - tinned pilchards

LOCAL: Tito Mboweni shares his love for a Durban classic - tinned pilchards

When you have more time on your hands, you can prepare your favourite foods with love...

LOCAL: Tito Mboweni shares his love for a Durban classic, tinned pilchard fish...

When we look at our political leaders, we don't always get to see them in a casual light. They are always put in the spotlight when it comes things that are newsworthy, never about them as actual people. 

We rarely see them as people who like to cook, or as foodies, especially when it comes to eating things like canned foods. As weird as that sounds, you can't say you disagree...

One of those very practical and stern-looking people has got to be our former Finance Minister, Tito Mboweni. But not at all, he shares his charisma and foodie capabilities with us on his Twitter account. 

He has been notably sharing his love for tinned fish on his social media account, so when he received a Koo gift box, filled with tinned goods from Tiger Brands, he was happy to share his cooking skills with us yet again.

He shared his love for tinned pilchard fish, which is a go-to meal for many South Africans, and is quite popular in Durban; by preparing the meal and sharing the steps involved with his Twitter followers. 

He even added a can of baked beans, and a special touch of curry powder. If anything, we can give him an 'A' for effort and trying to make it his own.

Check out his posts to Twitter below: 

All set to go, he shares a pic of his table setting skills, ready and revving to eat up his meal. 

After he posted the below pic, tweeps started going a bit off topic as they began commenting on his furniture. Some said that it looked new, whilst others commented on his table settings. He had two little decorative boxes on the table, which people said looked like little mini boxes of human remains...

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