There's no catch: Teenager wins R12m, wants to repay man he stole from

There's no catch: Teenager wins R12m, wants to repay man he stole from

Do you admire the fact that he is telling the truth or do you think he should be charged for admitting to a crime?

A person holding a fishing rod
A person holding a fishing rod/Pexels/@Laura Stanley

What would you do if you won R12-million? 

Would you spend it on a new house or car or would you pay back a person you stole from?

An Australian teenager by the name of Keegan Payne recently won a fishing competition called, Million Dollar Fish. He won a massive $1-million Australian dollars, which is equivalent to roughly R12-million.

"Keegan Payne is the first angler to reel in the top prize in the NT's annual Million Dollar Fish competition. It is the only time in the competition's nine-year history that a territory angler has caught the prized tagged barramundi worth $1-million." (ABC)

The public apology that Keegan Payne made on live TV was heard by the man he stole from, and his response was extremely humble. Talk about finding the good in a bad situation. 

Watch what this teenager decided to do when he learned about his $1-million win. Courtesy of X

The Sky News journalist who spoke to Keegan Payne and brought up the negative incident from three years ago has received backlash on social media. 

"Sky News reporter Peter Stafanovic has been lambasted for perpetuating “a harmful and negative stereotype” following his train-wreck interview with Katherine teenager Keegan Payne." (Teo News)

The incident wasn't as black and white as it first appeared. According to the Katherine businessman, Bob Cavanagh, Keegan, and his friend, who stole the vehicle worked for him for free to show their remorse. 

All in all, there were no hard feelings, and as Cavanagh explained in the above video, he was happy to hear what Keegan and his dad were willing to offer him for the losses that he faced in 2021. 

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