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Another epic week of fishing in KZN

It has been another bumper week of fishing in KZN. 

Aatiquah Ballim with a 25kg Kingfish
ANSA / Supplied

Pictured above: Aatiquah Ballim with a stunning 25kg Kingfish caught off Rocky Bay using a Bonito bait on Wednesday morning - 1 May 2024.

Anglers have experienced an abundance of fish species this week, offering perhaps a taste of what's to come as the season changes to winter. 

Edible bait is becoming more prevalent, while sharks are finally giving offshore anglers a fighting chance. As for freshwater, trout fishing appears to be hot this week. 


The recent Couta Classic Fishing Tournament saw a lot of decent Couta caught, along with a mix of other gamefish. 

Rock and surf:

Summer fishing is starting to give way to early winter. This means switching to smaller, more natural-looking bait rigs and focusing on bait presentation over size. 


The dams and rivers are fishing well. Bass are still the most popular catch, but trout are making their presence felt and carp anglers are having success as well.

Listen to the latest Angler News South Africa podcast at the top of the page or below, and scroll down for some incredible photos of some of the catches.

Steve Pretorious with an absolute beauty of a shad caught off Tugela mouth
ANSA / Supplied

Pictured above: Steve Pretorious with an absolute beauty of a shad caught off Tugela Mouth.

Pictured directly below: Ricardo Gounder with a Brown Skate caught off Ballito on Wednesday.

Ricardo Gounder with a Brown Skate caught off Ballito
ANSA / Supplied
Hugo Botha with a massive 58cm trout caught off Matatiele
ANSA / Supplied

Pictured above: Hugo Botha with a massive 58cm trout caught off Matatiele.

Meanwhile,  in Monday's episode veteran angler Dave Irvin, with over 30 years of experience in competitive fishing, joined Vinesh Soogreem to discuss the critical role of wind in fishing. 

You will be able to find out how wind direction, speed, and interaction with other environmental factors like water temperature, clarity, and upwelling affect fish behaviour and feeding patterns. Plus, you'll learn how northeasterly and southwesterly winds impact coastal fishing for both edible and non-edible species. 

Dave also explores how barometric pressure, moon phases, and tides intertwine with wind to create optimal or challenging fishing conditions. Listen below to gain valuable insights to elevate your fishing strategy by understanding the nuances of wind.

Aatiquah Ballim with a Black Fin Shark off Ifafa Beach
ANSA / Supplied

[Pictured above: Aatiquah Ballim with a Black Fin Shark caught last week off Ifafa Beach. Note, all non-edible species are Catch & Release.]

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