Large amounts of uncooked pasta found in the woods

Large amounts of uncooked pasta found in the woods

The great pasta mystery...

Pounds of spaghetti lying on the ground
Pounds of spaghetti lying on the ground/YouTube Screenshot/@KPRC2Click2Houston

There's a thing amongst people in KZN, we're not sure if it's something that has just been passed on from generation to generation, but it is definitely a thing. 

We're also not certain if it is something that is sociably acceptable considering it attracts pests. 

Throwing out old food in the garden or nearby bush area. We know that many people do it in KZN to save them from putting it in their bin.

This story is proof that KZNers are not the only ones who do this. 

In a short news clip from KPRC, we see a man by the name of Keith Roast being interviewed about discovering large amounts of uncooked pasta in the woods. 

He said that he found heaps of varied types of pasta found in the woods, all uncooked. From spaghetti to alphabet pasta to noodles, he estimated it to be around 200 pounds (90kg). 

WATCH the interview below, courtesy of YouTube

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The mystery is not as scandalous as you would think. At first glance, many would assume it was dumped by a restaurant, but it seems it was just a guy clearing out his parents' place. 

The uncooked pasta didn't really come with any mystery after all.

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