Stellenbosch student strikes again with a concert at the mall

Stellenbosch student strikes again with a concert at the mall

He's done it again!

A young white man singing inside a mall
A young white man singing inside a mall/TikTok Screenshot/@timmorrel

We saw a young student from Stellenbosch University shock everyone with his lecture hall antics not too long ago. 

And this time, Tim Morrel, the student on a mission to bring people together with music, has done it again. 

Only this time he didn't do it inside his lecture hall, but rather at a mall in Stellenbosch. 

With the help of his mates, he broke out into song inside a mall. We are not certain of the name of the mall (somewhere in the location of the Cape Winelands), but he certainly got everyone on their feet. 

And that too, with an unlikely track. He began singing 'Someone Like You' by Adele; a beautiful song, but something you wouldn't think University students would want to jam to in a public setting. 

Watch what happened when he began singing, courtesy of TikTok

@timmorrel “a moment in time”❤️ part 2 tomorrow😁 @Sealand #university #students #study ♬ original sound - Tim

Surprisingly, people came to the comments to commend his song choice. 

One of the comments read: "Everyone's gangsta until Adele comes on".

What was even more surprising was to find people in the comments thinking that this was videoed in the UK and then some said this was the USA...

You see that's the thing about South Africa, we have many countries in one, people come to our country to seek out our diversity. 

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Watch part two of the mall concert, courtesy of TikTok

@timmorrel just people being people🫶 #university #college #people ♬ original sound - Tim
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Image Courtesy of TikTok

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