WATCH: Dog spa? Pooch gets pampered during shower time

WATCH: Dog spa? Pooch gets pampered during shower time

A clip of an adorable dog’s luxury shower time has us wishing we could trade places!

Cute dog's shower time pamper session
@thegoodhype / TikTok

In a heartwarming TikTok video, user @thegoodhype shared the adorable routine of how their beloved Mastiff, Bridget, gets the best pamper session in the shower. 

The video shows off the care and love put into the spa day for this lucky pup and we're lowkey jealous!

The video begins with @thegoodhype gently holding her adorable doggy's paws, as Bridget pulls on our heartstrings with her facial expression.

A gentle spray of water from the faucet is applied all over with Bridget appearing cool, calm, and relaxed throughout the process. 

The use of scrub gloves with doggy soap further enhances the pampering experience, ensuring a thorough yet gentle clean.

Following the shower, the cute dog is towel-dried and rubbed down with coconut oil, adding a luxurious touch to the grooming routine.

The care continues with a teeth brushing session, complete with a headband for added flair. 

Nail trimming, a face roller, a full brush down, and the final touch of pink leopard print pyjamas complete the spa-like experience for this adorable canine. 

Oh, how we wish we could trade places for just a day!

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