Sister dishes on little bro who broke the TV

Sister dishes on little bro who broke the TV

The sister believes that the only way to avoid this sort of situation is to not have kids. Harsh...

A broken television screen playing the movie Sing
A broken television screen playing the movie Sing/TikTok Screenshot/@its_k.k

We all know that child-proofing your home is an important part of having children in your home. 

Because it is only natural for kids to do 'kid-sy' things. Throwing objects inside the house is a natural part of their learning and growing up. 

Not to say that it is correct, but it is a natural part of growing, pushing, testing, and experimenting with things. 

On that note, it is not the first time that we have seen the repercussions of a kid throwing something or damaging something expensive in their home. 

Hard to feel cool, calm, and collected about it as a parent when you know all too well how much things are. Especially televisions. 

One kid was recently outed by his sister on social media for breaking their TV set. The question we have to parents is, how do you deal with these sorts of 'accidents'? Focus on the term 'accident' here because sometimes kids know what they are doing...

Watch the first video shared that shows the young boy who was responsible for breaking the TV hide behind the couch. Courtesy of TikTok


Anyways please don’t forget to use protection 🫶🏽😭God bless

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Then big sister went on to explain further with a part two showing her parent's reaction to the broken TV. 

Courtesy of TikTok

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Further to that, she went on to give a full explanation as to what transpired that night and she even gave a little bio on her little brother's character. 

It seems her little brother was trying to throw something at the housekeeper who was trying to feed him and he missed her and hit the TV. 

In case you were wondering what the best way to child-proof your home is, here are some tips, but just remember sometimes even these don't guarantee safety. 

Check out the video below, courtesy of TikTok


For the last time,don’t forget to use protection 🫶🏽😔

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