How to child-proof your TV to prevent expensive accidents

How to child-proof your TV to prevent expensive accidents

Ensure that your television is protected with these easy tips. 

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Accidents happen all the time. Many parents have had to deal with their expensive plasma televisions being accidentally cracked or broken by their children.  Getting a new television will cost thousands of Rands. 

It is important to take measures to avoid any disasters. 

Let’s look at three ways you can child-proof your TV.

Mount it on the wall

One of the best ways to protect your TV is to ensure it is not within reach of your children.

Mounting it on the wall works best. When your TV is placed on a stand or a place where your kids can reach it, it is so easy to accidentally bump it or have your kids smash it accidentally with their toys.

So, ensure it is safe by placing it in a place they cannot reach.

Television screen protector

Many of us have our phone’s screens protected. This is because we understand that if the phone falls or gets hit by something, it can easily break. A screen protector will ensure that the screen does not get affected.

A TV screen protector works the same way. Flat screens can easily break, especially if you accidentally hit it with something such as a toy. However, a screen protector will prevent cracks and scratches.

TV enclosure

A television enclosure will protect your TV from getting cracked, scratched, and dirty.

There are also many weather-proof TV enclosures available on the market that will allow you to set up your TV in an outdoor environment without having to worry about the weather.

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