SEE: This man was literally stuck between a wall and a wall...

SEE: This man was literally stuck between a wall and a wall...

Imagine hearing screams of help from a wall... just after Halloween!

SEE: This man was literally stuck between a wall and a wall...
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In this line of work, we come across many weird and crazy stories that definitely have an element of entertainment and humour. But we are certain that there are other people, particularly firefighters, who could potentially lead the pack when it comes to seeing weird things on the job. 

Getting stuck in weird places happens more regularly than we can imagine. In this case, it was as creepy as it was humourous. Firefighters were called after employees at the Syracuse Landmark Theatre in New York heard banging and screaming from inside the wall. 

"Firefighters rescued a naked man from within the walls of a New York State theatre on Friday after he got stuck there for two days. Fire chief John Kane said the man, who is 39, had gotten into a crawl space and hid there for two days, according to the outlet. He then fell into the wall cavity of the men's bathroom and got stuck." (Business Insider)

The firefighters had to use a fiber-optic camera to find out the exact location of the man. How 'ER' of them... and finally had to cut through drywall and structural clay tiles to get to him. 

The man was seen by employees entering the theatre a few days earlier, but after they lost track of him, they assumed he had left. 

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According to the police, he seemed to be suffering with a mental illness and therefore he was sent to the hospital for moderation and no charges were placed. 

As much as we hope that he is okay and came out safe, this is definitely one of those stories that you have to see to believe. It makes us think of a creepy horror movie, or a thriller series where after years of being abandoned, a body is mysteriously found in the wall. 

Have you ever been caught in a tricky place? 

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