SEE: A Durban girl is alerted to a black mamba on her roof by her dog

SEE: A Durban girl is alerted to a black mamba on her roof by her dog

When a snake is in your house, who you gonna call? Nick Evans...

SEE: A Durban girl is alerted of a Black Mamba on her roof by her dog...

We love dogs, there's no denying it. But they aren't just our furry friends that give us love, companionship, laughter, and so much more. They are also very protective and instinctive animals, which is why many parents love them being around their kids, especially newborns. 

When we heard about this story regarding a young girl from Durban and her dog, it got us thinking about how amazing dogs are and how they really are everyone's best friend...

We cannot imagine lying down in your bed and having been greeted by a slithery surprise that is just above you. It gives us chills just thinking about it. But, thankfully, there was a happy ending here, as no one got hurt, including the snake. 

"Snake rescuer Nick Evans, who was contacted to capture the snake, said the girl was relaxing on her bed on Monday afternoon when her dog walked in and started barking while looking up." (IOL)

The black mamba was said to be in a very relaxed state, and Evans was afraid that it may just slip back out of the house into the bush. 

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Evans was surprised at how well the family handled the situation and commended them for it. The girl's dog alerted her of the black mamba's presence by barking and that is when they contacted Evans. 

He shared some sound advice when it comes to spotting a snake on your property. As much as sometimes the natural response is to panic, it doesn't pay to behave erratically as this may cause the snake to react. 

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