Let's play a little game, KZN...

Let's play a little snake game, KZN...

A tweet prompting people to 'find the snake' has left Twitter users baffled as they search and search and cannot find the snake...


We all love a challenge, especially when it comes to memory games like 'Spot the Difference' - so when we found this 'Find the Snake' post on Twitter by Tim Urban, we were hooked and wanted to share it with you. 

But first, can you find the snake? Try below:

Did you find it? Well, if you haven't, stick around to the end of the post - we've located it and zoomed in on it just for you.

Many users believed that they were being pranked, but there is a snake, we promise. One user, who happens to be a celebrity biologist, Richard Dawkins, said on Twitter: "Of all camouflaged animals, this might be the most invisible I’ve ever (eventually) seen."

While another comment read: "I swear this snake just slithered into this pic after an hour of me looking."


Did you spot it?

Image Courtesy of Twitter

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