One of the most insane snake removals of two Cape Cobras

One of the most insane snake removals of two Cape Cobras

When the reptile expert calls it "disastrous", then it's time to worry...

Two Cape Cobras slithering on the ground
Two Cape Cobras slithering on the ground/TikTok Screenshot/@Reptilesofsouthafrica

Besides the obvious reasons, snakes have a way of rubbing people the wrong way. 

And for an office park somewhere near Cape Town Airport, it was a case of two (potentially three) snakes rubbing them the wrong way. 

Tyrone Ping, a reptile and amphibian lover, turned his hobby into his work and captures snakes that find themselves in unwanted spaces. He releases them into safe spaces and records his experiences. 

Most recently, things got out of control when he was trying to safely capture two highly venomous Cape Cobras located in an office.

The report said that they saw three snakes and he believed this to be quite sketchy. He said that sometimes people think they have seen snakes, but it turns out to be electrical cables. 

But when Ping arrived on site, after having to open what seemed like a well secured room, he found two Cape Cobras. 

Watch the TikTok video of him capturing the snakes. It is safe to say that even Ping was challenged by these snakes...

@reptilesofsouthafrica One of the most insane snake removals I've done in a very long time. Not one but TWO BIG Cape Cobras...things don't quite go as planned! #snakes #animalsoftiktok #capetown #southafrica #dangerous #herping #herpsza Please check out the full GOPRO VIDEO #linkinBio ♬ original sound - Tyrone Ping

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He also videoed the whole catch and release on his GoPro and shared some insight in a YouTube video. 

Check it out below. 

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Image Courtesy of YouTube

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