Young boy plays with large python

Anxiety Alert! Young boy plays with large python

The video shows a toddler playing with a large python fearlessly...

Toddler playing with large snake in Indonesia
Toddler playing with large snake in Indonesia/Facebook Screenshot/@KuyaHern

The immediate response of any person who sees a child near a snake is shock and horror. 

Of course, the natural instinct is to save the child from their demise. 

But that was not the case for this toddler who was playing with a large snake that we assume was a python. 

"According to Zoo Atlanta, reticulated pythons are considered the largest species of snake in the world and are known to grow well beyond 20 feet long." (Merriam Webster)

Not all of them are venomous but many have a mighty bite with their "dozens of teeth". 

In a video that was shared on social media, we see a toddler lying in the coils of a large python giggling away.

Watch as the toddler giggles away playing with the large snake that tries moving away but gets pulled back by the child. 

Courtesy of Facebook.

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The text on the video shares that the video is in Indonesia, but not much information is provided. 

Just watching the video leaves us feeling eery and we just want to snatch the child away, but it seems the people who are videoing it are not at all concerned with the child's safety. 

As if the snake poses no risk of danger.

What would you do if you saw a snake this big near your child?

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Image Courtesy of Facebook

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