UPDATE: North West Lodge owner reveals how she caught the python

UPDATE: North West Lodge owner reveals how she caught the python

It seems this woman was waiting to see this beauty for two years...

A large python lying next to a dustbin
A large python lying next to a dustbin/TikTok Screenshot/@ripleyswildride

We shared a story about a woman from the North West province who very calmly released a large python last week. 

The video that was posted got a lot of attention and so the woman who caught the python and released it decided to give everyone a full story. 

Her name is Sarah Ripley Forsyth on TikTok and she revealed that she has been hoping to see this python for two years. 

Just as a reminder, here's the original video, courtesy of TikTok

@jpsmit01 Today we have caught and released this giant phython! #SAMA28 #snake #phython #farmtok ♬ Liewe Jinne! - juanita du plessis

Sarah revealed that when she discovered the python outside after the World Cup semi-final, she was elated and they decided to leave it there. 

But at around 2am in the morning, they discovered the python slithering in one of their guest rooms at the lodge. 

The very large python felt at home and so Sarah decided to leave it to roam in the guest bedroom and address it later in the morning. 

Watch what happened below, courtesy of TikTok

@ripleyswildride #greenscreenvideo Full video of our unforgettable experience with this beautiful python. It was such an incredible blessing to release this protected spieces!🐍❤️ North West woman! @JAY @JP Smit #vellies #python #SAMA28 #plaaslewe #farmlife #animalsoftiktok #pinklandcruiser #farmtok #snake ♬ Kryptonite (Reloaded) - Jeris Johnson

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It is clear that Sarah is an animal lover because she took utter care in capturing this 'protected species' and releasing him in the wild so gracefully. 

People had mixed emotions surrounding her very calm approach to the large python. Check out some of the comments. 

Ryan: "yoh, nah I'd sell the whole house, actually I'd give it away for free,I'm outta there 🤣🤣" 

Another user said: "I keep getting heart palpitations with the " decided to leave him there" 😱😭"

User: "My sista✋🏼😭😭, you even went to sleep??"

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Image Courtesy of TikTok

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