This is not old news... the oldest person in the world has died

This is not old news... the oldest person in the world has died

How old do you think she was? 

The oldest person in the world has died!
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We rarely hear about people who live beyond the age of a century, so it's super special to hear when someone has surpassed the age and lived to tell the tales. 

Oh, what stories this woman must've had to share...

So, with a sad face, but also a sigh of relief for her because that must've been tiring living till the age of 124-years-old. 

According to the Guinness World Records, Francisca Susano, who was believed to be the oldest woman in the world has passed on. 

"Francisca Susano, affectionately known as Lola Iska, died on Monday night at her home in the Philippines. Beloved Lola, who is believed to be the “oldest person in the world” and the last woman alive to be born in the 1800s, died at the age of 124." (Instagram)

She was sadly not recorded as the oldest person in the world before passing away at the age of 124-years-old, who was said to be born on 11 September 1897. 

"Unfortunately, before she could officially claim the title from Frenchwoman Jeanne Calment, who died in 1997 at the age of 122. Various reports reveal that her cause of death has not been found yet but she had shown no signs of COVID-19 before her passing." (MSN)

"Her official declaration as the oldest person in the world at 124 years old is currently [being] validated by the Guinness World Records. Mayor Pedro Zayco, Jr., Vice Mayor Raul Rivera and all city officials, as well as all the people of Kabankalan City, condoles and pray with the family of Lola Iska in their period of bereavement." (MSN)

We cannot imagine living to that age, but the thing with losing a loved one is that at no matter what age we lose them, it's still difficult.

She will be remembered not just by family but also her community. 

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