Mom shares R1,000 grocery haul and her tips

Mom shares R1,000 grocery haul and her tips

We're here for the tips, mama...

A table full of groceries
A table full of groceries/Instagram Screenshot/@just_another_manic_mom_day

Approaching the festive season can be stressful. 

The pressure to have your fridge and cupboards stocked and ready for guests at any time can leave you fretting about your bank balance. 

Jessie Buxton, a digital content creator, recently shared a great video on her grocery haul for the week. She went on to share some valuable tips when shopping. 

We wanted to share it with you because we all could do with some shopping tips. 

In the video, she shares all the items she bought laid out on the dining table. She had things from vegetables to meat on the table and said that she did her shopping at Pick n Pay and Food Lovers. 

Have a look at all the items she managed to get with just R1,000.

Courtesy of Instagram

Let's be honest here, how often have you visited your preferred retailer, done your shopping, and then at the checkout counter you get shocked with a few items that end up costing more than R500?

The cost of living has increased and therefore it's not going to cost you anything more to have a look at this mom's tips. 

This is what she shared in the post. 

1. "We don’t usually spend R1,000 on groceries a week, it’s usually around R600-R800, but I’m trying to add more veggies and health to my eating as well as make healthier meals as a whole. I also found some specials so I usually buy in a bit more bulk when I come across them and freeze it for a later time." (Instagram)

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2. "The cheeses were all 50% off because they were reaching their best-before dates. Cheese doesn't really last that long in the house so it's a great saving." 

3. "Pnp mark down a lot of their fresh produce some days but only in the afternoons after 2ish, so I bought a lot of our veggies on markdown. Top tip: wash your veggies when you get home and store them in the coldest part of your fridge, they last WAY longer." (Instagram)

She shared that being frugal and planning her meals beforehand were sturdy tips in helping her identify what she needed before her shopping trip. 

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Image Courtesy of Instagram

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