"A month's worth of groceries cost me R4,000 after price checking"

"A month's worth of groceries cost me R4,000 after price checking"

How much do you spend on your monthly groceries?

Groceries lying on top of a kitchen counter
Groceries lying on top of a kitchen counter/TikTok Screenshot/@averagechanelnotcoco13

Grocery shopping can be super exciting when it comes to stocking up your shelves, but it can be equally stressful with the cost of living nowadays. 

With more and more South Africans becoming more frugal in their shopping regimens, we are here to listen. 

One woman shared a video of her monthly shopping that amounted to just over R4,000. She opened up the forum asking other South Africans what tips they use to remain savvy whilst grocery shopping. 


Watch the video below, courtesy of TikTok.

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She did admit that she added some treat items that cost a bit more, but she was shocked at how R4,000 worth of groceries came to such a few items.

Shopping across three retailers - Pick n Pay, Checkers, and Woolworths - she does price checks to get the most cost-effective price for her shopping list. 

People came through in the comments with savvier ways to shop:

  • "Go to makro.... I spend half of that for double the amount of stuff." 
  • "We have found that weekly shopping works better for us, then we buy less and waste less. but prices are insane right now." 
  • "My mom saves R500-1k monthly and during December or January she buys the non-perishables and cleaning supplies in bulk.(they last the whole yr)"
  • "I have saved so much by doing my bulk shopping at food lovers. their specials are great!" 
  • "I find meat cheaper at the butchery and at times food lovers has fresh chickens that I buy and cut up...then some of us have baby sharks😭" 
  • "Why don’t you view prices. Online instead . Fuel ⛽️is so expensive 😢" 

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