LOOK: Ever left a negative review and then the company started stalking you on social media?

LOOK: Ever left a negative review and then the company started stalking you on social media?

This is a case of reviews in re-view...

LOOK: Ever left a negative review and then the company started stalking you on social media?
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Customer service is something that many would say is a dying trait in the consumer world. But it still forms part of a big sector, and if you think about it, every type of business, not just retail, deals with customers. 

So in saying that, we all should be more wary of how we treat our customers, in our case it would be our listeners. Because without them, we would not be in business. Safe to say then, that we need customers and customers need us. 

But what happens when you receive bad service, is there an unwritten law on how to handle it before leaving a review online, that literally stays up there forever? We think that just as each brand establishes their own customer service etiquette, so to customers have their own way of dealing with bad service. 

A woman gave her shoes in to a shoe repair shop, a cobbler. She handed over two pairs of Christian Louboutin shoes for resoling. She was not happy with the results and therefore decided to share her unhappiness on TikTok, making sure not to publicly shame the company.  

Things just went downhill after she decided to leave a review on Yelp sharing her experience. 

"The business manager, identified as Vincent R. on Yelp, responded saying that a normal customer would have brought up the issue to have any mistakes corrected and that “it is hard to believe” that the cobbler ruined her shoes. “Your review literally makes it sound like you were targeted by us and we intentially [sic] ruined everything,” Vincent R. wrote. Then they accused Tong of being sponsored by another cobbler, Leather Spa." (Daily Dot)

Check out the video of her sharing the review, then the continued responses from the cobbler company. Let's just say that we can understand how it can be frustrating that a customer didn't come to you personally to solve the issue, but it's not okay to harass your customer and share their private information on a public platform. 

That is just unprofessional and not at all good for your company image and reputation. Video courtesy of TikTok:

@urbanbling Stay away from Vinces Village Cobbler. They’re harassing me because they didn’t like my FACTUAL Yelp review about my experience #smallbusiness #fypシ #learnontiktok ♬ original sound - UrbanBling

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If you listen carefully, you can hear how upset she is as her voice is shaky as she explains the story. You would think it is the big corporations that would treat their customers like this, because they are established and have ongoing support. 

We are shocked that it is a small business that took this approach, considering the competition and wanting to retain your network of customers. Nevertheless, it got us thinking about your customer experience, have you ever been in a bind with a company over a review that you left online?

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