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LISTEN: RHOD star JoJo Robinson on mommy makeovers

Having spent about R800k on cosmetic procedures, JoJo tells all to Carol Ofori in episode two of 'The Carol Ofori Podcast'.

Carol Ofori posing with RHOD star JoJo Robinson
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Popular reality TV star JoJo Robinson has spent over R800 000 on multiple mommy makeover procedures. 

In episode two of 'The Carol Ofori Podcast', Carol asks her if it was all worth it.

The Rise of Cosmetic Surgery

As cosmetic surgery procedures become more and more popular, Carol thought it necessary to speak to someone who has some experience in this space - and who better than JoJo Robinson?

Jojo Robinsons' Cosmetic Procedures

'The Real Housewives of Durban' star holds nothing back as she describes pretty much every single procedure she’s endured in detail, even telling us how at one point she pulled off part of her own nipple by mistake!

JoJo is so graphic and honest about her experiences... and Carol is left completely speechless.

No need to Google ‘mommy makeovers’ if you listen to this podcast as JoJo answers pretty much all the questions you could possibly have.

And, for JoJo, was it all worth it? Well, you’ll have to listen to the podcast to find out!

Meanwhile, in episode one on 'The Carol Ofori Podcast', Carol spoke to the former Head of Water and Sanitation at eThekwini and now an Independent Consultant with over 50 years of experience, Neil Macleod.

In an honest and candid conversation, Neil spoke openly about the state of water and sanitation in South Africa, and told us where he will and where he will not drink the tap water.

Neil might even surprise you with his opinion on bottled water and those ‘fancy’ filters and expensive reverse osmosis systems many of us have in our homes. 

So, before you twist the tap handle for your next glass of water or spend your hard-earned money on the ‘safer’ bottled version, listen to this podcast – you’re guaranteed to learn a thing or two about the liquid we take for granted every single day. Listen below:

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