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The Carol Ofori Podcast

Do you ever find yourself with countless questions swirling in your mind, yet too busy to Google them or too exhausted to ask Chat GPT? Questions such as, "Does one person at Eskom control loadshedding?" or "Is it safe to use hair relaxers?" Maybe you're curious about the metaverse or wondering if you should only drink bottled water.  Introducing The Carol Ofori Podcast - a podcast where we answer these questions and many more.

The Carol Ofori Podcast is hosted by the talented Carol Ofori (previously Ralefeta). Carol is a seasoned, international award-winning voice-over artist, award-winning radio presenter, TV host, and motivational speaker. Join Carol as she leads conversations with handpicked experts from diverse fields to provide the answers to all of your burning questions.

Find Carol Ofori on Twitter and Instagram @CarolOfori and on Facebook @RealCarolOfori.

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