JoJo Robinson reveals 70% of her body is covered in tattoos

JoJo Robinson reveals 70% of her body is covered in tattoos

JoJo says she's on her way to becoming the most tattooed woman in South Africa. 

JoJo Robinson
'Real Housewives of Durban' star JoJo Robinson / Showmax

'Real Housewives of Durban' star JoJo Robinson recently added new ink to her tattoo collection. The reality star says about 70% of her body is now tattooed. 

"No I will never tattoo my face, but the plan is neck down (give or take a few areas of course). We did some more work with the leg last week, hence why it's darker, it will lighten to the same colour as the rest of the tattoos once it's healed, then in a few days we connect the new leg tattoo to the back of my existing leg tattoo," she wrote on Instagram. 

JoJo added she hopes to have the leg completed by the end of the year. 

"Then start to rework the arm I don't like followed up into the other half of the neck and lastly the buns and then we are done.. imagine. I WASN'T BORN TO BE NORMAL... CLEARLY. Why be a plain horse when you can be a unicorn - colorful fuc#n unicorn," she told her 100, 000 followers. 

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JoJo Robinson's tattoos

It's unclear how many tattoos JoJo has. She joined season two of RHODurban and wanted to "give a new perspective on the tattooed community". 

"Often people have assumptions about people with tattoos, and I wanted to flip that around and show everyone that you should never judge a book by its cover," she told IOL in a 2022 interview

Her husband, Durban businessman Calven Robinson, also has several tattoos, though, not nearly as many as her.  

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