WATCH: Even Elephants get hungry - this one crashed through a kitchen wall for food

WATCH: Even elephants get hungry - this one crashed through a kitchen wall for food!

This elephant got hungry, so hungry that he bashed through a home in Thailand for some food...

WATCH: Even Elephants get hungry - this one crashed through a kitchen wall for food
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We all enjoy a late night snack now and then so why not extend that to our big-eared, long-trunked friends, the elephants. In Thailand, elephants are not just the national animal, but are also considered as religious symbols. 

The elephant is considered as a symbol of Buddhism and of Lord Buddha. Elephants are also considered as being royal, and have been kept by Thai Royal families for centuries. They are known to be lucky and there is a festival held for them annually. 

In all its royalty and prestige, it is still surprising if not shocking to see one of them bashing through your kitchen wall for a late night snack. Which is what happened with male elephant, Boonchuay. 

"We were sleeping and woke up by a sound inside our kitchen," Ratchadawan Puengprasoppon, a resident of Hua Hin district in western Prachuap Khiri Khan province in Thailand, told CNN. "So we rushed downstairs and saw this elephant poked its head into our kitchen where the wall was broken."

According to the Department of National Parks, Wildlife, and Plant Conservation, the elephant came in because he smelt food and that is something that they have tried to educate residents about. 

The officials also said that the reason Ratchasawan's home was targeted was because of its close proximity to the national park. 

"Elephants are herbivores so they needs minerals from salty food, which is essential for their bodies. They would try to find any minerals, and we have educated local residents," CNN reports.

Watch the video below (courtesy of YouTube): 

We guess it's a regular thing to see in Thailand, so just as we share our habitats with the monkeys here in KZN, so do they share theirs with the elephants. 

Here's to being more alike than we realise, and also shared living spaces between animals and humans. 

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