You can now enjoy all-you-can-eat KFC in Japan

You can now enjoy all-you-can-eat KFC in Japan

Japan is the first country where KFC has introduced an all-you-can-eat offering.

KFC buffet

KFC’s fried chicken offering, blended with the Colonel’s secret recipe, has made it one of the most popular take away restaurants in the world.

With a variety of chicken, burger, and wrap options, amongst others, ordering off the menu isn’t an easy task. To alleviate this pressure for customers, the brand has opened its first all-you-can-eat offerings around Tokyo and Osaka in Japan – and we’ve never been more jealous!

Over the past few months, KFC has been rolling out buffet-style restaurants that offer customers a menu of 50-plus dishes, including chicken, curry, soups, fried rice, garlic bread, chicken nuggets, and wings. Diners can end their experience with a selection of desserts, including parfaits, jelly, cakes, and more.

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KFC buffet

According to reports, lunch is priced at around R260 for adults (junior high school students and above) and around R120 for primary school pupils. Dinner is expected to set customers back around R350 for adults, and R160 for primary school students.

The restaurant has a strict 80-minute dine-in time limit and includes unlimited free refills on all soft drinks.

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If you want to turn the experience into a boozy one, KFC offers customers all-you-can-drink alcohol for an additional R160 per person. 

KFC buffet

If you want to take up the offer at the fast food joint, you need to arrive early. The restaurant only dishes out 100 tickets per day, so customers are urged to arrive early to grab a ticket and avoid disappointment.

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