Leaving SA: Worth it or not?

Leaving SA: Worth it or not?

In this episode of The Carol Ofori Podcast, Carol investigates the pros and cons of leaving South Africa in search of ‘greener pastures’.

The Carol Ofori Podcast discussing leaving South Africa
The Carol Ofori Podcast discussing leaving South Africa/Supplied

In this episode of The Carol Ofori Podcast, Carol explores the complexities of South Africans relocating abroad and sheds light on the various factors that need to be considered before packing up and leaving.

The podcast features insights from Mark Sham, a well-travelled entrepreneur, as well as observations from two other South Africans – one who emigrated two years ago and another who left the country and returned eight years later.

In the first part of the podcast, Mark discusses the idea that moving away from South Africa involves trade-offs rather than outright solutions. 

Mark emphasises the importance of understanding and weighing both the benefits and drawbacks of living in another country.

The second part of the podcast includes conversations with Zane Derbyshire, who relocated to the USA, and Tyron Hansen, who moved to Canada and later returned to South Africa.

Zane and Tyron both share their personal experiences, the challenges, and the joys of living abroad, with an emphasis on what they miss about South Africa and the reasons behind their decisions to move and, in Tyron's case, to return.

The episode also highlights the various reasons South Africans choose to relocate, the reality of adjusting to new cultures and environments, and the deep ties that many still feel towards their home country.

This is an important podcast for any South African who has ever thought of leaving the country in search of a ‘better life’ elsewhere.

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