Who is to blame for Ballito Rage turning into a COVID-19 super-spreader event?

Who is to blame for Ballito Rage turning into a COVID-19 super-spreader event?

Taking responsibility for your actions, when they have negative consequences, is never easy, but someone has to do it.

Ballito Rage

In case you missed it, Ballito Rage has just come to an end even though most people were surprised to hear that it even took place, considering we're still in the middle of a pandemic.

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It then came as no surprise when it was announced this week that anyone who had attended the events should quarantine after Ballito Rage was marked as a COVID-19 super-spreader event.

You can read more about it right here.

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This has led to the people of KZN reacting in very different ways.

Many are now very concerned over what this could mean for the province during the festive season and if this could also influence the province's lockdown level.

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Darren, Keri, and Sky had the same questions (and a few more) so they decided to consult Prof Tulio de Oliveira

Ballito Rage has also released an official statement after the initial backlash they received for not putting a stop to the event.

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But now there is still the question of who should be held responsible?

Should the event organisers take full responsibility? Or are the parents and kids, who thought it would be okay to attend such an event during a pandemic, equally to blame?

Carol also decided to ask the people most affected by this news, the people of KZN, who they think should step up and take the hit.

Take a listen to hear what they had to say.

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Main image courtesy of Ballito Rage Official Twitter

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