Jungle Oats is throwing shade at Weet-Bix

Jungle Oats is throwing shade at Weet-Bix

It might be the festive season but not all brands are feeling the warmth of the holiday spirit, some are still out for blood.

Weetbix vs Jungle Oats

It's that time of the year where we try to spread as much love and joy as possible.

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And after the year we've had it's more necessary than ever before.

Some brands are not ready to get into the spirit of giving and are still in competition mode.

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One of these brands is the very proudly SA Jungle Oats who decided to come for another family favourite: Weet-Bix.

Usually, when you are in the supermarket, you don't really pay attention to your surroundings.

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You go in, get your goods and get out.

But some shoppers recently noticed a bit of Jungle Oats advertising that seemed to be directed at the Weet-Bix on the shelf.

It might seem like a very strategic move from Jungle Oats, but a spokesperson for  Tiger Brands has addressed the situation.

Mandy Murphy, a food executive at PepsiCo SSA (the owners of the Weet-Bix brand), has chosen to respond.

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Although it might seem that this was just a coincidence and they have denied any ill-will, there have been many brands that have thrown shade VERY publically.

Two brands who have not held back from calling each other out is American fastfood chain Wendy's and McDonalds:

Here are some other top brand battles:

Taco Bell vs. Old Spice

Wendy's vs. everyone

Moonpie vs. Hostess Snacks

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To them it might be all about the competition, but we just find it entertaining.

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