Carol Ofori consults a dietician, an attorney, and an architect...

Carol Ofori consults a dietician, an attorney, and an architect...

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Carol Ofori spent this week learning new things and helping KZN become informed on some important, and fun, issues, so we decided to round up some of her best moments for you right here.

She kicked off the week with Ashton Naidoo, an attorney who explained all the nitty-gritty details of the new laws regarding domestic workers and clarified some very necessary information:

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Next, she took a trip all the way to Egypt... but not really. She did however have a lovely chat with Agnieszka Dobrowolska, an architect renovating the 'City of the Dead':

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And finally, we just had to find out: what is intermittent fasting? Is it worth the hype? Find out what Amy Hilliar, one of the top dieticians in KZN, had to say:

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But there have been too many great moments this week, we can't possibly mention them all.

But that's okay, because you can go ahead and listen to them ALL right here:

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