WATCH: Woman cooks dinner in dishwasher

WATCH: Woman cooks dinner in dishwasher

Groundbreaking or gross? This might be the future of cooking!

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TikTok has blessed us with many different life hacks since its creation.

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From DIY-moments to McDonald's-hacks and everything in between.

Some have also caused some controversy.

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Like the latest food-hack that's been shared by Shannon Doherty.

Most of us tend to steam, roast, or boil our veggies, but have you ever considered using your dishwasher?

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Neither did we, until we watched this:


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♬ Taste It - Ikson

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We know 2020 has taught us to live with the "new normal" and all the things that might entail, but we never thought we would see the day where a dishwasher takes on the cooking role.

Apparently, this trick is to help you deal with the stress of holiday cooking (or any large meal you might be preparing) and will even improve it!

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Although it might seem more efficient on the surface, many users have pointed out the generally a dishwasher cycle will end up taking more time than just steaming your veggies.

When desperate times call for desperate measures we might try dishwasher cooking, but until then, we'll stick to the more boring cooking techniques.

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