INSPIRING: Solly Krok's #TouchDownChallenge: eliminating hunger in SA

INSPIRING: Solly Krok's #TouchDownChallenge: eliminating hunger in SA

Solly Krok, a 91-year-old South African veteran has launched a goodwill challenge called the #TouchDownChallenge. He has taken on the challenge of touching his toes in 6-weeks. 

Solly Krok starts the #TouchDownChallenge
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We are thoroughly left in awe of Solly Krok's efforts with his newly launched initiative called, #TouchDownChallenge. Solly Krok, a 91-year-old South African veteran known to many as a millionaire businessman, has launched an initiative that aims to help alleviate hunger in many South African communities and encourage the elderly that it's never too late to exercise.

 What an inspirational thing to take on, especially in these trying times. The challenge basically involves Solly Krok attempting to touch his toes and he will be coached by his long time friend, Barney Gordon, who is 98-years-old.

The initiative is driven by Krok’s passion to stay active in the fight against hunger. He has commandeered the help of ‘supposedly famous’ actress Sharon Spiegel-Wagner, who will be assisting them in touching their toes.

Their video promo has a mix of humour and some old-school spunk from the oldies (but not coldies)…

In the next six weeks, Krok, Gordon, and assistant-slash-cheerleader Spiegel-Wagner are aiming to prove that elderly people can be flexible if they practice a daily routine of exercise.

In an effort to reach his goals, Krok’s fundraising organisation, Keep the Wolf from the Door, has partnered with social impact organisation, Afrika Tikkun. (News24)

“I’m passionate about this cause, I’m obsessed, please join us in the fight against hunger! We gonna do it!” Krok says in his promo video for the cause.

Watch the promo video below (Courtesy of YouTube):

They are producing the series in episodes so that people can follow the journey of the challenge. We can’t wait to see more of this great initiative and see how it blossoms.

Watch the first episode of the series below (Courtesy of YouTube):

Image Courtesy of YouTube

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