Elderly couple's swim training tenderly resuscitated by The Big Favour

Elderly couple's swim training tenderly resuscitated by The Big Favour

After being unable to train because of municipal pools being closed due to COVID-19, Jimmy and Wendy incur a hiccup in their swim training. Fortunately, The Big Favour changes all this.  

Jimmy and Wendy Saunders at East Coast Radio
East Coast Radio

While catching up over a dinner post-COVID-19 Lockdown, Janine McMahon silently noted a challenge that the couple Jimmy (86) and Wendy (84) were facing. 

The competitive medalist swimmers were unable to train for their swimming competitions because the local municipal pools they frequently trained at were closed due to the virus.  

The couple of 57 years previously competed provincially in Pretoria, Cape Town and other provinces across the country and wish to continue honing their shared skill. 

Jimmy and Wendy with their medals
East Coat Radio

Although they have their own 12m pool in their home, it is too small to train for their 200m+ swimming competitions.

As a result of their passion for swimming and the inspiration they ignite in fellow athletes, Janine found it fitting to investigate a way to aid them with their training hiccup.

Nominating the octogenarian couple for The Big Favour was the first thought that occurred to her. 

The Big Favour with Darren, Keri and Sky was able to get Virgin Active to gift the Masters swimmers with a 6-month complimentary membership at their nearest Virgin Active club. This gives them access to Virgin Active’s larger and warmer 25m pool and other facilities that would enhance their performance while training.

Jimmy and Wendy break into a happy dance as their gifts are listed and it is evident that the impact of this gift is significant and heart-warming.

To tie it all up, they received a decorated chocolatey cake from Malcolm at Gourmet Inc. to make their experience sweeter. 

Jimmy and Wendy Saunders pose with their cake from Gourmet Inc.
East Coat Radio

“I can’t believe why we’re being so spoiled”, Wendy exclaimed in disbelief. We can honestly say, they deserved every bit of it for years of dedication.

That is exactly why we have The Big Favour; to help people in need and to fulfill your greatest wishes.

Listen to the full podcast below to hear Jimmy and Wendy’s excitement on the call with Virgin Active’s Mrs Singh:

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