South African man inks girlfriend's name and face on his back

South African man inks girlfriend's name and face on his back

The internet is in a tailspin over a viral picture of a man and his girlfriend, Melissa...

Man tattoos girlfriends name on his back

How far would you go to prove your love for your significant other? Does having their name permanently imprinted on your body count? 

Well, it seems that it does for an unidentified South African man who has gone viral on social media, this after a picture of him lying on his back shirtless with his girlfriend beside him did the rounds on social media. 

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The man, who is obviously smitten with his girlfriend, tattooed a picture of the name of his girlfriend 'Melissa' on his back. Social media has been divided over what they make of this 'extreme' proclamation of love. Whilst many are completely against it, others have shared that they think it is 'sweet'. 

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Stacey, who has a few tattoos, shared that she would never ink a romantic partner's name or anything that symbolises their relationship on her body. 

See the viral picture below: 

Main image credit: Twitter/@SmokezBEASTLY

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